View Saved Credit Card Numbers in Safari on iPhone

When Apple created the iPhone and its Safari web browser, they used their own unique way to access saved credit card numbers, to make it hard to view card numbers stored on Safari on the iPhone. Today we’re going to show you a neat little trick that lets you view your saved credit card numbers in Safari on your iPhone.

When you save a credit card number in Safari on your iPhone, the information is saved in a small text file that can be viewed by opening the file directly in the Finder, but it’s not easy. There’s no button in the Safari app to view the saved file, and the only way to view the file is to use the Terminal app, which is a bit of a hassle.

I had my share of annoying, unusable or wrong credit card numbers saved by Safari on my iPhone. This problem was so annoying that I wrote a small program to check all my credit card numbers stored in Safari. I am sure that many of you having the same problem have also written some small programs to fix this problem.. Read more about how to see saved credit cards on iphone and let us know what you think.

It is very common to store card info in the browser while we are surfing the internet and wish to purchase a product or service. The issue arises when you wish to watch later. The amount of credit cards that have been checked in on our iPhone’s Safari. What are our options? We’ll show you not only how to see them, but also how to modify, remove, and create new ones in this post.



The first step will be to access the device’s settings. To do so, look for the gray gear symbol in the middle of the screen, which is located between the applications.

We’ll need to go to “Safari” once we’re in “Settings.”

Automatic entry.

We’ll search for the “AutoComplete” option in this section.

Cards saved from the iPhone menu.

Now we must look for “Saved Credit Cards.”

Maps saved in Safari.

We’ll have to enter a PIN number or use Touch ID or Face ID to verify our identity. After that, we’ll be able to view all of the maps we’ve stored in Safari on our iPhone. If we want to learn more about it, we just need to click on it.

When we look at the specifics of a particular card, we can see additional information about it, such as the complete number, name, and expiry date, but not the CVV code. For security reasons, the security code on the back of the card is never saved.

Change the credit card.

By selecting the “Modify” option in the top right corner of the screen, we can make changes to all of this information.

We just click “Done” after we’ve done editing all of the info, and we’ll be sent back to the list of possible credit cards. Another alternative is to create a new card under “Add a credit card” and fill in the required details.

How to delete a credit card saved in Safari.

You may even remove one of these cards by clicking on “Modify,” then clicking on the circle to the left of the card you wish to delete, and finally clicking on “Delete” in the upper left corner.

We’ll simply leave setup after we’ve finished changing everything. That’s all it takes to view the credit cards you’ve stored in Safari on your iPhone, change them, and add new ones.

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Do you remember the time you forgot your credit card number and purchased something you didn’t intend to? You’d spend hours watching your credit card bills and wishing you could go back in time to cancel that purchase. But what if you could go back in time and not put the password on the card, but instead save the number to your iPhone? With this feature, you can do just that.. Read more about credit card autofill iphone and let us know what you think.

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