VoyBoy’s Gaming System: An in-depth look

VoyBoy streams LoL and occasionally plays other strategy games like Chessand TeamFight Tactics. Here’s a detailed look at VoyBoy’s gaming equipment. Corsair sponsors VoyBoy, and this may have an impact on some of his set-up decisions.

VoyBoy is well-known for his role as an League of Legends Season 1 pro, and even being in the initial Team Dignitas L0custroster with other prominent players Scarra Jatt L0cust Imaqtpie. He is well-respected for his exceptional level of professional esports. He’s also well-known for costreaming occasionally with Offline.TV crew members and other streamers.


VoyBoy uses the Corsair RGB PRO mouse. The Corsair M55 RGB PRO mouse is wired and is designed to play MOBA games as well as fps. The Pixart 3328 optical sensor can adjust the Corsair ICUE software to increase or decrease its DPI from 200 to 12,000. The DPI button located beneath the scroll wheel can set three levels of dpi. You also have four options for report rates: 125, 250 and 500 Hz.

The M55 has eight buttons that can be programmed. Two of them are on each side. The user can program both the right and left mouse clickers to switch, making gaming easier for those who are left handed. Omron switches are used to control the mouse’s buttons, which can last up to 50,000,000 clicks.

The dimensions are 12.45×5.72×3.99cm (4.9×2.25×1.57″), and the weight is 86g (3.04oz) without cable. It measures 1.8m (70.87″) in length.

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VoyBoy uses the Corsair M800 Polaris PRO mousepad. It is a RGB mousepad measuring 35cm by 2.6cm and 0.5cm (13.8×10.2×0.2″) with a total weight of 567g (1.25lbs). The M800 Polaris is made from non-slip, hard plastic and features 15 programable RGB zones that allow for more RGB options. The pass-through filter protects your mouse and acts as an automatic charger station for wireless Corsair compatible mice like the Dark Core SE.

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VoyBoy has a gaming set that includes the Corsair RGB PLATINUMXT keyboard and brown switches. Corsair K95 RGB XT wired keyboard is made from precision-molded plastic that measures 1.5mm in thickness and feels like metal. The keyboard uses 104/105 double-shot Cherry Mx Brown keys and Cherry Mx Brown switches. However, there are blue and silver options. It has a 2mm actuation point, a 4mm travel distance and an actuator force of 50g.

You can adjust the RGB backlighting per key and you also have a LightEdge that covers the entire keyboard in 19 zones. The top left corner of the keyboard has a pass-through port that can be used to connect a headset or mouse, and there is also an audio control panel.

It is removable and made from a cushioned, textured leatherette material. Six dedicated macro G-keys are located on the right side of the keyboard. This column allows for the storage of up to 8 profiles.

The keys can also be programmed to have full key (NKRO), anti-ghosting abilities. To aid with cable management, there are cable routing channels located under the keyboard.

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VoyBoy used a CORSAIR VIRTUSO RGB wireless headset. It had closed-back earcups and RGB lighting. These headsets offer surround sound with a frequency range of 20hz to 40,000Hz and sensitivity of 109dB 3dB. They also have a nominal impedance 32 Ohms @ 2.5kHz.

Aluminum is used to make the adjustable headband. The earcups have a leatherette material that covers memory foam cushioning. The earcups have a volume knob and a microphone mue button. While the other has input ports that can be used to connect to USB-C-C or USB -C-to-USC plugs, the one with the USB-C-to-USC connectors is also available.

Detachable microphones are omnidirectional. They have a frequency range between 100 and 20,000Hz, and a sensitivity level of -40dB 3dB. The headset weighs in at 358g (0.79lbs) and is compatible with PC or PS4.

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VoyBoy has a streaming set-up that includes an Elgato Wave 3 microphone. VoyBoy has a gaming set up that includes the Elgato Wave 3 condenser microphone. The microphone uses a cardioid pattern and was specifically designed for podcasting, streaming and recording. The frequency range is 70-20,000Hz, with a sensitivity between -25dBFS to 15dBFS. It supports 24-bit/96kHz. The dynamic range of the device is 95dB, and its maximum SPL is 120dB.

The mic will also mut copyrighted tracks in your stream so you can enjoy whatever music you like, without having to worry about potential infringement problems. You can also create and adjust two output mixes on the fly, so you are able to keep one recording while giving it to your audience.

It has a front-mounted capacitive mue button. The package includes an external pop filter, shock mount, flat-based stand with U-shaped mount, and multi adapter. It can accept mounts from 5/8->3/8 – 1/4-inch. The USB Type-C cable is used. You will need either Windows 10 64-bit, or macOS 10.15.

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VoyBoy streams League of Legends and occasionally plays other strategy games like Chess, Teamfight Tactics, and Overwatch. He has a variety of gaming equipment and Corsair sponsors VoyBoy.

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