War Child Winter Streaming Festival

Game Action is hosting two events to raise funds for charity: a streaming festival, and a sale.

Part one of the campaign is The War Child Winter Streaming Festival. It will be held on November 1st, and end on November 28th. Festival streams will be provided by a range of Twitch content creators who are trying to raise money for charity. Viewers can find out more information about streamers at the Game Action campaign website. They also have special events such as the unveiling of Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition.

This is the second phase of the War Child Winter Sale. It will be available on Steam or Google Play from November 2nd through 9th. It will be War Child’s biggest sale yet, with many games seeing their prices drop and some or all of the royalties going directly to War Child.

David Miller, War Child’s head for gaming partnerships, says everyone involved in games is having a very difficult time in 2020-2021. If they wanted to keep their status as the most prominent charity working in this space, they realized they had to be different. The response they have received from developers, creators and publishers to their plans has been overwhelming positive and they appreciate everyone’s continued support. The hope is that all involved have fun and return next year to get more.

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