Warzone Aim Assists Revived

A recent video highlighting Halo Infinite’s aim assist has revived long-standing disputes about the necessity for aim assistance in first-person shooters.

There are many gaming forums, but none as intense and as long-lasting as that between Call of Duty & Halo. Every game is loved by devoted fans, who have different tastes. One thing the fans seem to share is an inordinate amount of disagreement over the necessity for aim assist. This aim assistance debate has been going on for years, similar to the Call of Duty Vs. Halo dispute, but there is no winner.

But, aim assist discussions are still hot and they’re making the news. The debate involves two sides: a few people who think aim assist is unnecessary and others who argue that it’s necessary for controller users. The debate is heated now that cross-platform gaming has become more popular. Both console and computer gamers can interact in multiplayer lobbies. Call of Duty, Halo and Halo offer cross-platform multiplayer. Recently there has been heated debate about aim help.

A video posted by Twitch streamer Jeff Sheney of playing Halo Infinite multiplayer on Twitter went viral recently. Sheney was reportedly playing with keyboard and mouse and was AFK at the time. However, the video shows him using his crosshairs to track an enemy player far away and darting across the screen.

This caused a lot of discussion within the Halo community. Many people were concerned about the game’s balance. It was assumed that Sheney used a controller. However, the fact that Sheney was actually using a keyboard on a computer and a mouse on it only made matters worse. Crosshair movements were obvious and one of the most prominent examples of aim assist.

Halo Infinite wasn’t the only one to be the focus of aim assist debates. Warzone also came up in the discussion. TSM Myth and Dr Disrespect took to Twitter to attack controller players. The latter claimed that he had never included a controller player among his top ten FPS gamers.

The Call of Duty community was furious, as expected. Twitch streamer TimTheTatman made the most poignant comment. The keyboard-and mouse Warzone streamer said, “If your controller breaks, play it,”

The keyboard and mouse have their drawbacks, but so does the controller. Although the keyboard and mouse lack aim assistance could be considered disadvantages, a mouse is more flexible and allows for faster response times and greater movement than a controller. This is because a mouse allows for greater accuracy, and keyboard and mouse are often preferred settings in multiplayer shooter games such as Halo Infinite.

Controller players will also benefit from aim assist. It does not aim to overpower the control system, but rather makes it more viable for controller players. Aim assist is also very limited in helping you win gunfights.

Although the Halo Infinite aim assistance clip by Jeff Sheney shows the assist working well, it may not work in real-life gameplay. Quinn DelHoyo is Halo Infinite’s leading sandbox designer. He clarified that aim-assist kicks in only when the player has been AFK.

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