Warzone Cheater Eliminated

Cheating and hacking have already destroyed many people’s experiences in Warzone, but sometimes the tables are turned on hackers by their fellow cheaters, which is amusing.

Warzone players have had to deal with cheats in one form or another for a long time. Some utilize God Mode hacks to make themselves invincible, while others use wallhacks and aimbots. Also, many Many players have abandoned Warzone in favor of other games, primarily Apex Legends, as a result of the rise of cheating, but many more have remained as Raven Software and Activision try to stamp out the hacking.

However, with hacks in almost every lobby at this point, it’s difficult not to stumble into a cheater, yet even cheaters can’t always avoid their fellow hackers’ hands. Reddit user that goes by the name DingDingDongDotJPG shared footage from Facebook Gaming streamer HackingFredward, who was employing wallhacks in a game of Warzone when he noticed an enemy staring at him.

Despite his best efforts to engage in some activity for the benefit of the viewers, the cheating streamer’s game was not going to survive long now that they’d been discovered. Though, he didn’t predict just how he was going to be eliminated. He hinted that something wasn’t quite right after he was gunned and killed. The streamer yelled out; “Oh, he’s cheating bro! Come on, you saw the walls there. Everybody is cheating in this game, holy s**t.”

While many people were shocked by how simple the tricks made the game for the hackers, others couldn’t help but giggle at the cheater on cheater violence.

Maybe cheating has just become the meta, and if you’re cheating, you’re not trying, as others have said. They are expecting, however, that the new anti-cheat system that will be included with Vanguard will solve these problems.

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