Warzone Cheats Break the Vanguard Code

Call of Duty’s most famous hackers have become more adept at breaking each year’s title. It appears that their Warzone experience was key to their rapid entry into Vanguard Beta.

The Vanguard Beta was made available to all platforms on September 16. The first hacker reports appeared within 48 hours.

Matches were lost by aimbots the day after the Beta was made public. Players wondered, “How can there be cheaters?” Soon, the low-cost exploits of the Beta were found and they were used to allow players to end matches as needed.

How did they get to Vanguard so fast? The secret was that they had prior knowledge of Modern Warfare cheats and Warzone hacks.

Vice was told by an anonymous source within the gaming industry that the core of [CoD]’s engine hadn’t been changed in any significant way over the years. According to this source, Warzone code is very similar to Vanguard’s. Porting exploits between games has been easy because of this.

It was evident that hackers were flooding into Vanguard’s Beta build during Vanguard’s Beta testing. The hackers were not just given the standard in-game perks such as wallhacks and aimbot, they also went beyond that.

Tom Henderson from CoD claims that the Beta launched using the same anti-cheat strategy as Warzone. It didn’t take too long for hackers got wild. IWantCheats, a source with a passion for CoD hacks and having been around for over 15 years, is another. The website claims their Vanguard adventure will surpass anything seen in Warzone.

Their cheats may also operate on the Pacific map. This claim will be difficult to confirm until Activision releases more details on their highly anticipated anti-cheat program, due to launch in late 2012.

If all goes as planned, an efficient anti-cheat system could put an end these concerns. The Vanguard Beta could be the final time that hackers have access to CoD lobbybies. Their exploits could just be able to ruin the multiplayer experience again, as early claims from well-respected cheat providers seem to indicate.

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