Warzone Pro JoeWo Slams Hack Accusers

Warzone pro JoeWo has taken a stand against hack accusers, as the Movement King has had enough of being harassed over clips from over a year ago.

Anyone who has played Warzone has almost certainly encountered hackers. Given the number of cheaters in the game, it’s easy to label another player as a cheater even if they aren’t. Many streamers have to deal with this because people like Headdband and BadBoy Beaman, who were caught rage hacking, make claims and make videos about popular players “cheating.”

JoeWo hasn’t been immune to this, but the star is standing firm and chastising those who continue to harass him with “false claims.” He responded to the hackusations by releasing a “toxic” YouTube video in which he slammed everyone who has said anything negative about him.

Joe explains in his video how clips from over a year ago have resulted in constant hate from “potatoes” who believe he hacks. The problem isn’t that people think he’s a cheater; it’s that no matter what he does, he gets hate.

Joe mentioned that he has streamed with multiple cameras, loaded everything up on stream, and even played at a LAN to back up his claims.

However, he is perplexed as to why this isn’t enough for the hacker accusers who are calling him a “slimy little rat.” and ended by saying that he apologized for being toxic, but that at the end of the day, he knows he’s a good player and that dealing with the hate on his name is mentally taxing.

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