Warzone Streamer Goes Viral On Tiktok

Over the previous few years, stream snipers have caused chaos on Warzone, regularly interrupting games. Fortunately for Loochy, the developer of XSET, he was caught in the crosshairs of a friendly one.

Many well-known creators, such as NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman, have faced viewers who attempted to join the same game lobby as them in order to either disrupt their game or play with them.

TimTheTatman has been one of the worst hit, to the point where he’s offered to purchase one of them a car simply to get them to stop.

Loochy, on the other hand, is in a unique circumstance because he doesn’t have a “friend” who wants to fight him or beg the creator for something. Instead, they found a way into his lobby and used their microphone to play music.

“I have a stream sniper that randomly joins my Warzone lobbies and plays me music on his recorder,” Loochy said in a TikTok clip from one of his Twitch shows.

The song starts when he shows that a player named ‘EPICDOE’ has joined his party. After a few seconds, the XSET developer realized something: Epic was playing Katy Perry songs.

After sharing the video on his social media sites, the stream sniper has received mostly good feedback.

“Epic is a true treasure, and I like it when he treats me like this… In a response on Twitter, hoperemaiins wrote: “Makes nights that are difficult into pure delight.”

With his amazing recorder playing, he appears to be no stranger to stream sniping creators. FreebsTV stated, “His name is Lucas, but we nickname him “flute boi.”

It also looks that GodKu, another XSET developer, has had a few run-ins with Epic while playing Warzone: “Ya, he’s the homie. Because he does the people’s labor, I paid for his school books.”

EPICDOE may be regarded as one of the few welcome stream snipers in the community, based on the positive responses to Loochy’s clip. We’re left to wonder, though, what other songs he has up his sleeve.

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