When will Westworld Season 4 come out?

west world is one of the big sci-fi hits of the moment. Based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of the same name, it addresses questions about feelings and what it means to be human through a story about androids in a western theme park. human guests of the park. But it doesn’t stop there. west world is one of those shows that has reinvented itself each season, and in the time since the androids, or “hosts,” first became known, we’ve seen them go from fighting to take over the park to escaping to a virtual port also in terms of the real world. west world is a twisty, mind-blowing affair, and we expect the next season of the show to continue that trend.

Westworld’s the first season aired in 2016 and was a masterclass in thought-provoking science fiction. It’s been about a two-year wait for each subsequent season, with the second airing in 2018 and the third in 2020. Now we’re in 2022…meaning we’re ready for a new one.

HBO has confirmed that west world will be back this year, but when exactly? Let’s go over what we know, as there’s some recent news that sheds a little more light on the Season 4 release window.

west world season 4 release date

Ok, the big question: when? west world season 4 premiere? While we don’t have the exact date yet, we have some fairly new information that gives us a solid window of time when we can expect the show.

Making press rounds recently, HBO and HBO Max told programming president Casey Bloys: Variety Which west world season 4 is coming during the summer† He didn’t go into a specific day or month, but that still gives us a window from about mid-June to early September. And since HBO has another big release coming later this year, the Game of Thrones successor show House of the Dragonit wouldn’t surprise us west world late fall in early or mid summer.

With the show’s fourth season approaching, we could get a trailer for it anytime, so rest assured we’ll be keeping an eye out for more updates from HBO.

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