Which Server does Asmongold play in New World

New World is now open. Gamers will search for the ideal server to connect with friends and start an adventure. You’ll need to find out how many servers there will be, and whether streamers are joining the party.

Asmongold is one the most popular MMO streamers on Twitch. Asmongold has a huge following on YouTube and Twitch, which will only continue to grow.

You might consider joining the faction or server of the streamer if you like his style. This will allow you to help him expand his influence across the entire map. You might also want to avoid streamer-dominated servers to improve your chances at capturing territory.

Asmongold will play on the Olympus server of the NA East. This is part the Arkadia Lambda set. He will be joining the Syndicate faction on his first run, according to streamersonnew.world. This could be changed if the streamer joins the game.

Asmongold has stated his intention to play on Olympus as soon as the game is released. This server will most likely have many players. This information should help you decide if you are interested in being a part or not on a server that has a smaller population.

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