Why Was Jidion Banned?

Following Jidion first verified stream, streaming platform Twitch has banned him permanently on January 12th, because he is said to have launched a “hate raid” on Pokimane‘s stream.

Jidon “Jidion” Adams said in his chat, encouraging his chat to flock to Pokimane’s Twitch stream. Pokimane stated that what ‘Jidion’ was doing was likely against Twitch’s TOS (terms of service) and that it was embarrassing, and that if he is banned, she will not be sad or apologize because he did it to himself.

Pokimane isn’t the only one who was harassed; Jidion also used Twitch Whispers’ one-on-one DM feature to target her viewers as well. Due to the constant barrage of Jidion’s chat, she had to cut her stream short.

Jidion is a popular YouTube star with over 3 million subscribers, but he also started streaming on Twitch, and he was banned for 14 days on January 13, 2022, but he later revealed that this was later changed to a permanent ban.

Initially, he accepted the 14-day suspension and admitted to violating the terms of service. Though he claimed the permanent ban wasn’t fair, he insisted his attack had nothing to do with her gender.

He took to Twitter to ask his followers to help him reverse the decision by using the hashtag #twitchfreejidion.

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