Will there be a Season 2 of Peacemaker?

peacekeeper was the dark horse superhero show that kicked off on HBO Max in 2022, and it’s safe to say it far exceeded all expectations. The show about John Cena’s somewhat sociopathic anti-hero who would kill so many men, women, and children for peace was a breath of fresh air in a genre that increasingly relied on interconnected stories and self-referential nods. Although it was a sequel to the 2021 movie The Suicide SquadDirector James Gunn’s take on Peacemaker’s story was good enough on its own to be truly accessible to new viewers and have its own strong arcs that depended on nothing else.

It was a solid show to start the year with, and the fans responded. Peacekeepers finale had the biggest single run of any HBO Max Original since the platform launched in early 2020, and the ratings were up 44% of the series premiered a month earlier. That’s a huge win for the series and HBO Max…which obviously bodes well for the future of the series.

Will peacekeeper do you have a season 2?

If you enjoyed the first season of peacekeeper like the rest of us, the big question is whether the show will continue. Season 1 concluded the storyline with the butterflies in a very satisfying way, but of course this is a comic book show, meaning there’s no shortage of resource material to draw from for Peacemaker’s future misadventures.

The day before the Season 1 finale aired, HBO Max announced it was officially renewing peacekeeper for Season 2. So put on those Hanoi Rocks and get ready for another outing with John Cena and the gang!

James Gunn wrote everything peacekeeper season 1 and directed five episodes. For season 2, he will be writing and directing the whole thing. This is rarely done in Hollywood as it means his workload will be quite intensive, but it will also make season 2 and even more cohesive than the first.

“The brilliance of James Gunn shines again with ‘peacekeeper,‘” Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at HBO Max, said in a statement. “He took this character, brought to life by the inimitable John Cena, and created an exceptional series that is simultaneously exciting, hilarious and heartfelt, and humanity shows among this team of misfits living in a superhuman world. As the first original DC show to premiere on HBO Max, we’re delighted that viewers agreed to give peace a chance.”

There is no news about when peacekeeper Season 2 is coming out, but it will probably be a bit of a wait. James Gunn is currently shooting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the Holiday special Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel. Given the writer/director’s plan to be so heavily involved in peacekeeper season 2, it will almost certainly not go into production until after both guards projects have been completed.

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