Winnieechang Stunned After Monkey Steals Her Food

An IRL Twitch streamer that goes by the name Winnieechang was in complete shock after a monkey attacked her and stole her food right out of her hands.

The dangers of IRL streaming are obvious. Streamers are broadcasting every move on the internet, meaning anybody could be watching. Over the years we’ve seen countless streamers put in terrible and weird situations as streamers are vulnerable to all sorts of pranks as well as having to deal with the actions of others they can’t control.

Just like what happened recently to an IRL twitch streamer Winnieechang who was left horrified after a literal monkey stole her food right out of her hands. Winnieechang, an IRL streamer on twitch gaming with over 20k followers on her channel where she regularly streams her adventures.

She’s currently on a road trip in Taiwan at the moment and she got a bit more adventure than she asked for. During her recent stream, she was casually walking around but then she was completely stunned when she spotted a monkey randomly walking around by a bench. The streamer decided to walk closer to the monkey to have a better look but then the monkey launched itself at her and then swiftly ran off.

Winnieechang was screaming as it turned out that the monkey had stolen her cake. What makes the clip even funnier is that the monkey barely even runs that far. They perch themselves on a fence nearby and eat the cake, seemingly mocking the streamer to dare try to get her cake back.

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