Xbox Series X made out of LEGO Bricks

The Xbox Series X controller recently released a sleek design that looks like it could be made out of LEGO, which is exactly what one streamer under the name of BrickinNick did.

Although the Xbox Series X’s controller isn’t all that different from the Xbox One’s, many have argued that it’s a step forward and one of the best home console controllers ever made. One Twitch streamer said that he was fed up with having only one controller, so he built his own entirely out of LEGO bricks.

Streamer BrickinNick is known for his impressive video game-themed LEGO creations, but his most recent creation is a to-scale replica of the Xbox Series X black controller. From the general size and color of the face buttons to the rear side battery pack, which includes two LEGO AA batteries, the build is rich in detail.

Over the course of a week, BrickinNick built the entire structure on his Twitch channel. Because the to-scale controller required extensive planning and revisions, the four streams each lasted well over three hours, with the longest session lasting 4 hours and 33 minutes. BrickinNick worked on a to-scale LEGO version of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller yesterday, following the completion of the Xbox controller.

Following the completion of the DualSense, the streamer will work on LEGO recreations of both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 as his next major project, according to his Twitter account. Despite the fact that the Series X is a simple rectangular cube, it’s likely that the streamer BrickinNick will add some extra details to show off his craftsmanship and to highlight some of the console’s most interesting visual features, such as the green vents on either side.

BrickinNick also encourages gamers who want to buy their own LEGO Xbox controller to create an account on LEGO Ideas and support the project once it’s been posted. If the project gains enough traction, LEGO may turn it into a real set that can be purchased.

This isn’t the first time that gaming fans have had their ideas for LEGO sets turned into officially licensed products by the company; earlier this year, the LEGO Company sold one fan’s design for a Sonic Mania-themed set.

Hopefully, the said BrickinNick’s Series X and the PS5 builds will receive the official set treatment, as they are sure to be collector favorites. If the recent run of Xbox Series X mini-fridges demonstrates anything, it’s that gamers want to enjoy their games in any way they can, even if that means building it themselves.

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