xQc Accuses Izi Prime For Stream Sniping

When Felix “xQc” collided with Adin Ross‘ best friend, Izi Prime, during one of the most recent livestream, the unexpected drama began to build. 

xQc had been busy establishing his dominance in the trending subreddit r/place for the first half of his stream before diving into the fast-paced, FPS world of Call of Duty: Black Ops II for the second half.

The Canadian streamer noticed that one of the players, Izi Prime, was acting suspiciously during his time playing Call of Duty. When the Twitch content creator tried to figure out what Izi Prime was up to, he discovered that he had been stream sniping and cheating with the help of his chat to gain an unfair competitive advantage.

When xQc called out Izi Prime’s unfair behavior, he was accused of cheating when he called out his cheats. The Twitch star had been live for about ten hours, during which he spent the first few hours attempting to conquer the r/place canvas. Since the subreddit went viral on April 1st, 2022, he’s been on a crusade to make a big name for himself.

After that, he was seen working with other well-known content creators such as Adin Ross, Pokelawls, and Moxxy. They all competed against each other in the fast-paced world of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, but after about two and a half hours of gameplay, xQc began to notice something was wrong.

Several viewers in his Twitch chat began to inform the streamer that Izi Prime, a member of Adin Ross’ team, had been asking for his community’s help to stream snipe in order to gain an unfair competitive advantage. xQc began watching the former’s stream in order to catch a glimpse of Izi Prime’s antics.

Adin Ross appeared to take the Twitch streamer’s comments negatively and demanded that they be given proper credit for their victory. Adin Ross attempted to persuade xQc that he wasn’t “reading” the chat. Following this, the Canadian streamer created Izi Prime’s Twitch channel to demonstrate his point of view.

In an attempt to intimidate Izi Prime into responding, the Twitch content creator poked and prodded him repeatedly with the same question. For a few seconds, the voice room fell silent as it tried to figure out what was going on. A small squabble erupted between the two groups, and both of them became embroiled in an argument.

xQc then spoke up and expressed his thoughts on the whole situation. Izi Prime asked the Canadian livestreamer how he knew about him cheating in-game after hearing what he had to say. The clip was brought up by xQc.

In the background, Adin Ross and Izi Prime tried to clarify the accusation. After xQc finished presenting his case, Izi Prime made one of the following statements. xQc ended his stream and called in for the day after the conversation went on for another five minutes.

The incident drew a polarizing response from viewers and audiences on Reddit. Some believed xQc was on the wrong side, while others believed Izi Prime cheated his way to victory.

More than 350 people commented on the LSF Reddit thread in the first hour after it was posted, indicating that it was quickly gaining traction. It continues to elicit more responses from both the streamer’s and the audience’s perspectives on the situation.



Felix “xQc” is a famous Twitch streamer. He had been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II before he noticed someone else cheating during the game. When Felix called out that player, Izi Prime, it gave him some tension with Adin Ross and Izi Prime’s team;

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