xQc Discusses Headphone ASMR Trend

Popular Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc has poked fun at many “ASMR” Twitch streamers during a recent live stream.

The ASMR category has recently become a significant craze on Twitch, with a number of well-known content creators making the transition. With a total share of around.705 percent on Twitch, ASMR is now ranked 21st overall in terms of overall views. However, ASMR streamers have been criticized for providing sexually suggestive content, particularly those who have recently switched to the category. And xQc made a funny dig at the category on a recent live stream without saying anything.

In the past, a number of well-known streamers have spoken out against the new ASMR streamers, who have boosted the category’s popularity on Twitch. In June 2021, Twitch star Imane Anys aka Pokimane stated that she felt bad for the real “ASMR” artists on Twitch since she had firsthand experience with the amount of effort required to thrive in the category.

Pokimane said that real ASMR artists who try to create calming content for their viewers have managed to help a lot of people, especially those with anxiety issues. However, the category has been overrun in recent months by creators who are creating suggestive ASMR content instead.

And Twitch streamer xQc seemed to think the same way, as he delightfully performed the current ASMR content by licking his controller in a sexual manner. xQc has also recently spoken out against Twitch’s recent removal of popular ASMR streamers.

The fact that the creators in issue were merely suspended for three days did not sit well with the former Overwatch pro as he stated; “Dude, same offense five times in three months, and a three-day (ban). After repeating the same offense two times, I thought I was going to get perma’d. Honestly, I had the word perma over my head for months for something I did like eight months ago and after five times, they get a three-day? That makes no fucking sense at all.”

xQc’s witty remark seemed to be in keeping with his previous remarks, in which the streamer expressed his dissatisfaction with creators who used the category to publish plainly suggestive stuff.

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