xQc Doxxing Himself

Popular Twitch streamer abruptly stopped his Twitch stream. He had inadvertently hacked his IP address and exposed himself to possible threats from techno-savvy viewers.

He tried accessing a casino site but was stopped by an error 502 message. It displayed his IP address.

xQc posted on Twitter, claiming that he would stream offline the remainder of the day. He claimed that his IP had been accidentally leak. This is not the first instance of xQc having doxxing problems. However, it is his first doxxing incident. He could have been in danger from his GPS location tracking to hacking into his router and PC.

These are serious issues, particularly for someone who has had his location tracked several times, and whose livelihood is dependent on the security of his network and hardware. The Twitch Star decided to give up and continue searching for an answer for the remainder of the day.

He confirmed however that he will be back on Twitch as normal on June 14.


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