xQc Frustrated About Twitch Leak

After a massive source code breach, popular GTA streamer and a Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel appear to be frustrated with Twitch. The revenues of some of Twitch’s most popular streamers, including major GTA streamers like xQc, were revealed in the data.

Other personal information, such as passwords and account details, as well as revenues, were exposed as part of Twitch’s large data breach. Sponsorship, merchandise, and contribution revenue are not included in these financial numbers. Understandably, streamers are unhappy with the situation and have gone to social media to voice their dissatisfaction.

Twitch streamer xQc tweeted out a GIF of what seems to be a confused man while captioning; “Hey Twitch, EXPLAIN?”

The leaks showed the actual amounts given to streamers, including xQc, Buddha, and Loud Coringa, all of which are well-known GTA streamers. One of the highlights of the leak was the revenue collected by streamers in September 2021. Many sources are now using the leaked data to create charts.

For example, a list of the top 100 highest-paid streamers from August 2019 to the present has been compiled based on total earnings. Fans and popular streamers have reacted to the incident by taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Some streamers, such as Peter Park, a popular Twitch streamer, were also obviously enraged at the incident as he tweeted out; “are you fucking kidding me twitch?”

Twitch has yet to provide an official explanation. The extent of the leaks is also unknown at this time. Some experts advise that all users update their passwords because it is simple to ensure personal security.

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