xQc Gaming Gambling Addiction

Felix’ xQcspan styling=”font weight: 400 ;”>’ Lengyel revealed his gambling addiction by revealing that he gambles on every single game he plays. Although he admitted to his gambling addiction, he said that it is not a serious disease.

xQc has streamed a variety of games over his entire career as a content creator. His Elden Ring, online Chess playthroughs and Just Chatting outbursts are enough to attract the masses.

Gambling Simulator has become a very popular piece of content at xQc. However, the streamer previously voiced his concern about his gambling obsession.

XQc is now addressing the issue once again, but it’s not limited to Gambling Simulator. It affects all his games

On April 25th, xQc said that he gambles when he can while playing games.

xQc’s remarks follow an angry streamer who was accused of spending his money on an arcade machine and likened it to his gambling addiction.

Although admits that his personality shouldn’t prevent him visiting Gambling Simulator sites, it seems that xQc won’t be going away any time soon.

He doesn’t seem to be concerned about his gambling addiction and claims that he loves it. However, he did stress that he knew that not all people are as fortunate, and that it was important that he avoids gambling.



Felix Lengyel, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer, admitted to having a gambling addiction but denies that it’s serious. He said that he gambles on every game he plays but feels like it’s not an issue because he doesn’t have any big-money bets and has never lost

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