xQc moving back to LA!

Twitch star Felix Lengyel aka xQc has recently revealed that the excitement of Los Angeles has him pondering going back to Hollywood after joining by fellow Twitch streamers in Los Angeles, California for “Shitcamp.”

People were asking where xQc planned to live permanently back in July after the streamer had just relocated due to armed invaders. Now, several months later, the Juice Man is pondering relocating – this time, however, for happier reasons. xQc said he could wish to move again during a stream following the conclusion of Shitcamp, when he participated in activities alongside streamers like Ludwig. 

xQc previously played for the Los Angeles Gladiators and Dallas Fuel, both of whom were situated in Los Angeles at the time, and he may want to return. What is the reason for this? He mentioned the city’s “energy” and prospective content prospects.

Tinsel Town appears to be calling to xQc’s tastes, despite his origins in Quebec, Canada, and recent residences in American states such as Texas. It could be a Shitcamp “honeymoon phase,” but he “really really enjoyed LA” and may “want to give it another try,” he said. He went on to say that he enjoyed the city’s “energy” and that it was “actually a lot of fun.”

The Shitcamp activities, which can be seen in the streamer’s YouTube vlogs, were probably a big part of the enjoyment. He also stated that residing in LA will make life “easier if I want to do stuff, to go to studios and s**t … and we can actually do the ideas that I’ve been having over the months and years.”

But it wasn’t only work that got him going; he also mentioned social life adding; “Maybe I’m in my highschool phase, but it just feels like whenever you’re out, you’re at the place where you should be for some reason.”

xQc, on the other hand, isn’t entirely sure, despite his strong desire to go. If there’s one thing holding the Twitch legend back, it’s something that affects everyone in Los Angeles which is the “traffic.”

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