xQc & Moxy are Startled by Spider

His long-time gaming partner, Moxy was unexpectedly entrapped by a web spider while streaming. xQc caught unawares.

Moxy and XQc have been one of Twitch’s most well-known duos. Moxy and xQc gained prominence playing Overwatch shortly after xQc was in Overwatch League. Since then, they have been a constant source of streaming content. The duo tested their skills in League of Legends on April 19th, and something surprising happened.

xQc was just about to criticize his bottom-lane team for not engaging during League sessions when Moxy interrupts him. It’s possible Moxy thought something was wrong and slapped him.

Chat and xQc were waiting with baited breath for Moxy’s story, but the streamer eventually returned to his seat. The streamer was heard returning to his chair without knowing what caused the panic in his friend. XQc quickly inquired about what happened.

Moxy wrote about feeling the web of the spider. The French-Canadian streamer clearly didn’t find it funny and began to hurl expletives at Moxy. He also expressed genuine concern for Moxy’s safety. Moxy might have had only a brief encounter with the common house spider. However, xQc was nearly immediately scared.



XQc and Moxy have been Stream partners for a long time, playing Overwatch together. On April 19th, Moxy was streaming on Twitch when a spider got stuck in his headset and he freaked out. XQc expressed concern and confusion in the chat.

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