xQc Reaction To Logan Paul Getting Scammed

Pokemon cards and collections have the potential to make anyone a millionaire overnight. However, there are a few significant obstacles that the owner must overcome before they can claim the wealth. Rare first edition Pokemon cards, as well as unique variants of legendary Pokemon and well-known characters, can fetch astronomical prices on the secondary market.

Logan Paul, a popular YouTuber, is well aware of this, but he was still duped. Logan’s purchase of 3.5 million dollars worth of cards that turned out to be fake elicited a response from popular streamer xQc.

xQc said that he believes that the older brother of Paul got definitely duped. However, suspicion arises as a result of the reactions, which many people agree did not appear natural.

That said, it’s not entirely unbelievable that a phony box made its way into the hands of the YouTuber. Scammers take advantage of the high value of Pokemon trading cards to make thousands of dollars at the expense of unsuspecting collectors.

Logan received a refund for the entire $3.5 million he spent on the card collection and purchased the cards from buyer Lajan San, who shared the news on Instagram. Following his discovery, he apologized and offered the YouTuber a full refund.

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