xQc Reacts To Content Criticism

Felix Lengyel AKA ‘xQc’ recently hit back at critics of his popular content which is the react-style on Twitch, and compared himself to other well-known streamers and questioned why they haven’t faced the same backlash .

xQc and his fellow Twitch streamers are one of the reasons that is causing a stir in the online world with their ‘react’ content, which consists of them watching TV shows and movies.

Some serious discussion regarding the ‘TV show meta,’ with DMCA and legality concerns has been raised. Recently, Pokimane was even being banned from the platform while reacting to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The Head of Community Productions of Twitch ‘djWheat’, even went so far as to say that his management team must be worthless for allowing him to keep streaming TV shows knowing that the situation is increasingly becoming tense for everyone on the streaming platform.

xQc does not share this viewpoint, and does not believe the criticism has been entirely fair and he isn’t the first to raise concerns about possible double standards in the treatment of different creators based on their work.

In a recent debate with Hasan, Trainwreck called out the “shamelessness” of some streamers after he was vilified for his react content several years ago, while it’s now become meta.

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