xQc Real Life Behavior

Many streamers, including xQc, have larger-than-life personalities and will occasionally go overboard to keep viewers engaged. He has been accused of toxic behavior on multiple occasions, resulting in his numerous platform bans. 

Despite his numerous controversy, he was among the highest-paid Twitch streamers in 2021. Fans continue to find his style of commentary entertaining and fascinating to watch, and it appears that everyone enjoys hearing different perspectives on internet drama.

xQc’s streaming friends spoke out about his real-life behavior in the last year, and their comments may come as a shock to those who only know him for his intense online persona. When the camera isn’t rolling, the popular streamer xQc is said to be surprisingly wholesome and supportive of his friends.

Since they teamed up on the NoPixel GTA roleplaying server, Sykkuno and xQc have been playing games together. Since then, Sykkuno has assisted xQc in forming relationships with his other friends, including Valkyrae, who at first found xQc intimidating. Online, Sykkuno and xQc have become close friends, with Sykkuno even arguing for xQc’s reinstatement after he was banned from the NoPixel server. In real life, according to Sykkuno, xQc is quite friendly and polite. When the two ran into each other at Universal Studios in December 2021, it appeared that this was proven.

Pokimane has had a tumultuous relationship with xQc, and the two have been on opposite sides of numerous online debates over the years. However, the two have developed an unlikely friendship, with Pokimane even referring to xQc as Twitch’s “hottest” streamer.

Pokimane stated in a November 2021 stream that she wanted to get into “Grand Theft Auto” roleplaying and that xQc was eager to assist her. She needed someone to “show her the ropes,” but no one else was interested in assisting her. However, she stated that xQc was more than willing to make time in his schedule to assist her, which she greatly appreciated.

It’s not every day that a streamer offers to assist another streamer, particularly when it comes to learning a new game. The fact that they did so outside of the normal streaming schedule suggests that they have a strong friendship. While xQc can be toxic on-stream, he is always there for his friends when they need him. He’s also been known to dance on occasion, as evidenced by Pokimane’s behind-the-scenes footage. Isn’t it true that friends are for impromptu dance parties?

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