xQc Responds to Felicia Day’s Claims

American actress Kathryn Felicia Day has recently tweeted out some things about the streaming platform twitch stating that the platform promoted racist and abusive channels, which prompted one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, Felix Lengyel aka xQc to respond.

xQc was not afraid to speak up when he saw a tweet he didn’t agree with from author and actress Felicia Day. In a deleted tweet, Felicia Day accused the most popular streamer of using derogatory slurs towards women and people of color.

Saying that she was taking a look through some streams, Felicia Day claimed that he platform recommended some unsavory broadcasts to her where she apparently heard the c word the n word dozens of times. Also she claimed that she saw men repeatedly screaming profanity at women. She said that she was confused by this given that’s what was being shown to new viewers.

Because of this, xQc, one of the biggest streamers on Twitch right now, fired back with a Tweet of his own, asking for receipts of the streams. Considering xQc has had accusations of bad behavior leveled against him, it makes sense he’d want proof before it’s levelled at others on the platform he calls home. xQc tweeted out, “Wrong on all counts, post proof or delete the tweet.”

Felicia Day soon responds saying that she wasn’t talking about xQc’s stream and that she in fact liked his content. xQc once again replied with; “Oh thanks! I was just wondering if you had the receipts so we could hold the people accountable for their actions.” xQc’s defense of Twitch is understandable considering he has made his fortune on the platform and has an exclusivity contract with it.

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