xQc Shows His Toe On Twitch Stream

A Twitch streamer accidentally does an accidental toe reveal during a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stream.

While most camera settings focus on the streamer’s face while streaming, Twitch streamers rarely show their bottom halves. However, that doesn’t stop some streamers from being creative. Felix “xQc”, Lengyel, surprised a large portion of his Twitch viewers when he pointed the camera directly at his toes during a stream on March 30.

xQc stopped racing at a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stream recently to demonstrate the inside workings of his computer tower and help with a technical problem he was having.

Three of his ports with the cables in them flashed red when he was having computer issues. The popular Twitch streamer explained this by pointing at his GPU. Many Twitch viewers were disappointed when xQc paused for a while and veered the camera towards his feet, perhaps distracted by another thing.

Many Twitch viewers of xQc were surprised to see the toe of the streamer. He usually wears sneakers during IRL streams such as the Twitch Rivals Las Vegas event. The popular Twitch streamer moves his feet before returning the camera to the original position.

xQc was criticized by his disorganized and dusty PC tower, before he switched the focus of his Twitch stream to his feet. Although many PC towers collect dust over the years, xQc’s has a thicker build and cables that connect the different components are dangling in front of his powerful gaming rig. xQc’s PC gaming set, as many others, has RGB lighting. This allows his Twitch viewers access to the panel he pointed at to see the parts he built the PC he streams.

Twitch viewership is increasing and xQc has become a popular livestreamer. This suggests that he is being scrutinized more often than other streamers. xQc could also reveal the foot of another person to draw more attention to the “goblin toe” in his footwear to get more attention. Although some Twitch viewers might be disappointed to have seen it, it is unlikely that he will ever show his other foot again as his stream tends to focus on his upper halves.

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