xQc Shuts Down Viewers In Heated Rant

After Felix “xQc” Lengyel‘s rant about ex-gambling streamers’ hypocrisy, the content creator was nowhere near releasing his rage.

He ended his nearly 10-minute tirade with another, this time to explain the cause of all the problems he had mentioned earlier, claiming it to be the day’s “last rant.”

After criticizing the hypocritical streamers, Felix “xQc” Lengyel attempted to put the final nail in the coffin by offering streamers some advice.

People who engage in backseat gaming and dictate what other content creators should do on their live streams, according to Lengyel, are to blame for the entirety of the problems he ranted about earlier in his stream.

xQc’s stream had already reached the 15-minute mark at the time of this clip. His audience had been waiting for him to start producing content, so he made one final statement before moving on and then offered some advice to other content creators who “fold” to the will of random commentators.

xQc went on to explain his take on the alleged mentality of those who get what they want through the said method, and when he became frustrated with the state of his stream, he began yelling expletives and insulting the people he was directing his rant at.

He went live and talked about his frustrations for about 10-15 minutes before returning to his regular content schedule. xQc has warned viewers attempting to steer his streams in a specific direction on several occasions, including earlier this month.

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