xQc: Streamers Joining YouTube For Money

The recent exclusive YouTube streaming deals have been recently criticized by the popular Twitch Streamer xQc saying that all of the moves are motivated solely by profit.

Twitch has seen a shift away from its streamers as YouTube continues to increase its high-profile poaching raiders. Exclusive YouTube deals have been signed by DrLupo, CouRage, and TimTheTatman. These momentous moves have taken Twitch and its fans by surprise.

There are even rumors that another popular streamer NICKMERCS will also make a “huge move” because of YouTube’s recent deals and the recent streamers shifting has been called out by popular Twitch streamer xQc, who claims that all of the moves are purely motivated by monetary incentives.

While an exclusive deal could result in a significant pay increase for those leaving Twitch, the benefits don’t end there and that the move was much more than “purely money” for streamers like TimTheTatman.

TimTheTatman’s departure is eerily similar to DrLupo saying that they left the platform due to family obligations. xQc, on the other hand, believes that financial incentives are the main reason Twitch streamers are abandoning Twitch.

According to xQc, he’s not saying it’s a problem and continued saying that it’s all about money and that there isn’t a point of contention here and nothing is better for the streamer or the viewer than the platform [YouTube]. It’s all for the money.

As of now, it remains to be seen that many big streamers on Twitch will make the switch to YouTube, but for the time being, things are looking up for Twitch’s competitor, YouTube.

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