xQc Turns Down $1.2 Million NFT Sponsor

While live streaming earlier today, Felix “xQc” revealed that he was offered a large sum of money to promote a Non-fungible Token (NFT) project. The streamer revealed that he had turned down a $1.2 million sponsorship deal while speaking about his recent sponsorship deal.

He’d only been doing it for about five minutes when he started his daily livestream. As he sipped his morning coffee and prepared to stream, he told his Twitch audience about a recent deal he had been offered.

The Canadian streamer, like the recent trend of promoting NFTs and cryptocurrency coins through internet influencers and content creators, was enticed into an offer that included a large sum of sponsorship money.

He went on to say how much fun it was to deny the NFT sponsors as he continued to speak about it. and wondered if it was safe to discuss the deal on stream, but he quickly went on to explain the complexities of the deal and what was expected of him.

After the revelation, he made a joke about the sponsors paying the streamer in JPEGs. He quickly moved on from the topic and resumed his usual stream.

On Reddit, audiences and fans were shocked and astounded to learn how much the NFT projects offer to the platform’s biggest streamers. NFTs are set up as predatory scams.

NFT sponsorships and deals have become more common in recent months. Many streamers have expressed their opposition to the concept of NFTs.

HasanAbi is one of the most recent streamers to express his dissatisfaction with NFTs, claiming that they were nothing more than copy-pasted content.

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