xQc Vowing to Make MrBeast Bankrupt

MrBeast is known for his strange but entertaining ways of surprising his fans with new surprises. He continues to do so by posing some of the most creative and unimaginable challenges from time to time.

When he shared a new challenge on his social media account recently, the extremely popular YouTuber did the same thing. He was curious as to how long someone could stay in a room if they were given $10,000 per day. MrBeast received a shocking and eye-catching response to his proposed challenge from a well-known streamer. And it was none other than xQc, the Overwatch superstar.

MrBeast, as we all know, has thrown down a slew of challenges in the past. To say the least, many of them have been incredible. To name a few, there was a Minecraft competition in which thousands of people competed against each other. Not to mention the one involving a $1 million reward for swimming with sharks.

The YouTuber recently revealed the new challenge in a tweet on his Twitter account. It required the participants to spend as much time as possible in a single closed room. They were also to receive $10,000 from MrBeast himself while doing so.

However, when xQc expressed an interest in participating, the situation took an unexpected turn. Everyone, including Jimmy Donaldson, was taken aback by his response:

Simply put, FĂ©lix Lengyel requested that the challenge organizer only provide him with a computer, and xQc will handle the rest. MrBeast was so pumped for this that he only wanted one thing from him: a passionate gamer. In exchange, he was absolutely certain that MrBeast would run out of money because Felix was not going to leave that room anytime soon.

In the end, this mind-blowing response proves one thing for certain. xQc is addicted to gaming and will go to any length to maintain his obsession.



MrBeast proposed a challenge in which the participant has to spend as much time as possible in a closed room with $10,000 per day. He received a response from xQc who is known for his gaming and streaming. In exchange for playing video games, he asked for a computer only.

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