xQc’s Account Name Change

Twitch streamer xQc confirmed that he is working with the platform in order to modify his account name, and also disassociate from Overwatch.

xQc is a legend because he has been in existence for so long. Only a few of his fans may know that xQc started in League of Legends and not Overwatch. xQc changed his name to xQcLoL in 2016 and switched to Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter. He has maintained that account ever since. His Twitch account, six years later is still tied to his Overwatch League time. This could be changing in the future.

xQc revealed to his Twitch chat that his days of being xQcOW may soon be over. A Twitch representative, Pluto, was able contact xQc and inform him that some “changes” were being made behind-the scenes. He also suggested that a username switch may be possible. After xQc’s approval, the Twitch username changes have been submitted.

This situation is complex and there are many factors to take into consideration. Twitch users can change their usernames every 60 days since 2017. As a result, xQc’s inability to change his username could be due to the “xQc” name being reserved, technical issues associated with extremely popular accounts, or contractual/business-related issues. These factors and others could prevent xQc’s smooth transition to his new username. It is not known when this change will be implemented.

xQc was awarded the Most Valuable Player Award in Overwatch for his performances during the 2017 Overwatch World Cup. He would be suspended from the Dallas Fuel and subject to a fine for homophobic remarks and racism. xQc was forced to leave the Overwatch League due to this. However, he competed in the Overwatch Contenders league as well as internationally. xQc’s Overwatch history, including the username without “OW”, will remain forever connected to Overwatch.

Some people speculate that xQc’s recent approval to change his username was linked to Blizzard’s decision not to gamble on Twitch. xQc has been such a well-known streamer and “encouraged”, the move to gambling on-stream. This is almost certain to be false and is a result xQc’s frustration at his return gambling.

No matter if he is xQcLoL or xQcOW or xQcC, he remains the same Twitch streamer that fans have been watching for years. While he may have been playing different games and may be involved in controversies, the rest of his stream is xQc.


Early streaming With the release of Blizzard Entertainment’s video game Overwatch (OW) in 2016, Lengyel transitioned to mostly playing Blizzard’s title; becoming so synonymous with the game, he changed his alias to xQcOW.

Early streaming Lengyel was streaming on Twitch when he was 19 years old, playing League of Legends (LoL), and streamed under the alias xQcLoL. The online alias of xQc came from the last letter of his first name, x, and the abbreviation of his home province Quebec, QC.

The post led many to question why the couple are no longer together. Over the years, xQc and Sammy have kept their relationship away from the spotlight. Even though the pair had been dating for a long time, it wasn’t until 2021 that they confirmed they were together.08-Aug-2021

*laughs* I would love to keep running the Pokimane bit, but, you know, I just don’t think it’s something I can do.” After the grooming allegations came out and were proved to be accurate, many of Carson’s friends, including prominent streamer Pokimane, decided to cut off ties with him.26-Sept-2021

It seems that Pokimane and xQc’s friendship is still going strong, as the two are still able to comfortably make fun of each other.28-Apr-2022

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