xQc’s Injury Leaves Fans Worried

One of the most popular Twitch streamers Felix Lengyel aka xQc has left fans worried about him after claiming that he suffered a recent leg injury even stating that going to hospital won’t help.

Twitch streamer xQc is without a doubt, one of the biggest streamers on the platform with over 9 million followers.

However, on September 1st, an unofficial xQc fan account shared a Twitter update with some details xQc gave his fans outside of his regular streaming schedule. According to the screenshots, xQc wrote; “i think i f***ing tore my second acl on my right leg…both f***ing legs dude, i can’t.” But then despite what seems to be a serious injury, xQc said seemingly doesn’t want to seek treatment this time as in another message, he wrote that going to the hospital won’t help if “it’s torn or pulled, it’s donezo. Nothing can save it.”

As far as how the injury occurred, xQc explained that he fell at a terrible angle while running. This isn’t the first time xQc has dealt with some leg-related health concerns. Two years ago, xQc went in for surgery to repair a “hole” in his knee, which surgeons had connected and secured with a bolt.

This has raised quite a few concerns for his fanbase, particularly considering everything the streamer has been dealing with in recent months. Naturally, fans were concerned about xQc in the Twitter comments as many of them sent their support to the streaming service hoping for a speedy recovery for xQc.

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