xQc’s Waiting Room

Felix Lengyel, famously known online as xQc, one of the most popular Twitch streamers, is without a doubt, have a very dedicated community. They’re so committed that they’ve made a waiting room channel where they can hang out while he’s away or offline.

xQc rose to prominence as a professional Overwatch player. Now, he streams a wide range of games to his 9.2 million Twitch followers, including GTA RP, Jump King, and others. With such a large following, he’s developed a loyal following known as the “Juicers.”

And some of his fans and followers have taken things a step further by creating a Twitch channel where they can hang out while twitch streamer xQc is offline from the platform.

According to analytics website sullygnome, the xQcOW waiting room live streams didn’t seem to start gaining popularity until January 2021, when it saw its first few viewers. After starting their live stream as soon as xQc went offline and likely ending it when he came back online, the channel quickly increased in popularity.

Starting with the popular interactive game Marbles on Session, which had about 350 average viewers during its peak stream in February 2021, up from fewer than 50 the month before. The waiting room has overtaken the bulk of streamers on the site in terms of views in less than a year, ranking 14,977 out of 107,281 total streamers.

By the end of April, the unidentified channel creator decided to shake things up a little and change the stream’s name to Just Chatting, resulting in the current sound of rain soundtrack.

The waiting room has amassed an incredible 37,000 followers after a large rise at the start of 2021. With that statistic, it has received over 870,000 views, 380,000 hours of viewing time, and about 6,000 hours of streaming time on the site.

It’s unclear whether xQc keeps up with the action in the waiting room on a regular basis, but he’d be ecstatic to learn that his community has come together in this way.

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