XSplit Broadcaster Sale

Take heart, prospective Twitch streamers and other content creators: your audience is waiting for you. The issue is that they’re distracted by the thousands of other streams available. To thrive, you must produce consistent, approachable video that appears more professional than the myriad casual bottom feeders on the internet.

It can be easier than you think to give your video a professional polish. XSplit Broadcaster combines more than a decade of video production knowledge with cutting-edge technology in a user-friendly package. It’s great for game streamers, but it can also be used to make professional-looking videos. There is no need to have any prior videography expertise.

This app’s main screen makes you wonder why every creative person, no matter what they’re shooting, isn’t utilizing it. All of your video sources are shown at a glance; simply drag and drop what you want to blend and customize. Game footage, external video, and Zoom and Discord calls are all examples. Using XSplit’s own plugins, you can stream directly to your favorite platforms.

Want to keep an eye on the feed while you’re playing? You have access to a real-time HUD that allows you to make quick adjustments. Produce your own scene transitions and change audio levels from different sources to create the perfect mix for any clip. You can run all of this on your GPU to avoid slowing down your CPU.

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