Yashafluff Cosplayed Genshin Impact

Yashafluff, a cosplayer and streamer, has rounded up her amazingly detailed cosplays in honor of Genshin Impact‘s one-year anniversary.

Despite a rocky start to its anniversary celebrations, Genshin Impact remains a hugely popular RPG, with new players joining every month. Overall, its appeal stems from its cast of colorful and fantastical characters, who have inspired a slew of cosplays.

Now, one specific streamer and cosplayer has gone above and beyond – Yashafluff dazzles in not one, but five stunning cosplays. She genuinely changes herself into a picture-perfect real-life replica of these Genshin Impact characters, from the wigs to the cosmetics to the costumes themselves.

Yashafluff, who is presently pursuing her doctorate, has managed to combine demanding medical study with precise cosplay creation. Her work, captured by cosplay photographer, haptu, is stunning and demonstrates her versatility as a cosplayer.

Her cosplays are, unsurprisingly, just as transformative as her prior work. These photographs demonstrate her ability to capture not only the character’s style, but also their attitudes, which is what elevates these cosplays to new heights.

Though, Genshin‘s female characters aren’t the only ones she’s cosplayed. Just recently, Yashafluff posted her Xiao recreation to Instagram. Other than the pure detail involved to style the hair, she’s most impressively used makeup to make her face appear more masculine for the character.

Despite her recent focus on Genshin Impact characters, Yashafluff’s Instagram is full with other stunning cosplays. She proves she has a cosplay for any video game lover, from Nier: Automata’s 2B to League of Legends’ Ahri.

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