Your computer has been blocked [Red screen warning]

If the browser opens the same red screen again, you should go to Task Manager and stop all related processes there.

The same applies if you cannot close the web page by clicking the X icon.

So press the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Del and call up the task manager.

Click on the Processes tab and stop all processes related to your browser or other strange applications or programs that may pose a threat to your computer.

We hope that at the end of the day you will be able to use your navigation engine without any further problems.

If you want to surf the Internet safely, you need a comprehensive tool to secure your network, such as. B. a VPN (private Internet access).

Private Internet access

PIA protects you from attacks when you surf the Internet, hides your IP address and blocks all unwanted access – install it now and secure your PC.

2. Enter safe mode and perform a full system scan

  1. Put the computer in safe mode – In safe mode, all third-party applications and processes are disabled by default.
  2. To go to safe mode : Press Win+R and type msconfig in the Run dialog box, then click the Startup tab in System Configuration and check the Secure Startup box in the Startup Options section. When you are finished, save the changes and restart your computer.
  3. After going to safe mode, run a special scan with your favorite antivirus program. We recommend using specialized software instead of the built-in Windows Defender platform.
  4. If the antivirus system detects infected files, you should remove them from your computer.
  5. Finally, restart the computer in Windows mode.

Even after successfully closing your web browser, you still need to scan your Windows 10 system to be 100% sure that you don’t have any malicious codes from that fake red screen page.

The best way to do this is to run a thorough virus scan.

3. Install and run additional antivirus software

We also recommend that you install and run an antivirus program.

This should also be done after applying the previous section of this guide, as normal antivirus software does not always detect some malware.

Protect your files, system and personal data from malware, phishing and spyware with the ultimate security tool.

Again, opt for a full system scan to make sure everything is safe.

⇒ Get ESET NOD32 antivirus

Your computer’s red screen warning is not displayed by Microsoft Corporation.

This is a scam, a false notification that tries to trick you into buying certain programs or downloading malicious files.

To avoid these unpleasant situations, you should therefore always use a special safety solution.

You can rely on Windows Defender, but if you need a more advanced antivirus tool, we recommend installing a third-party antivirus solution that includes online protection features.

Also, only go to websites you can trust and don’t download any files that look suspicious.

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