YungBORO Dog Delivers Devastating “Nut Shot”

‘yungBORO,’ a Twitch streamer, was having a good time discussing creativity and other topics when his dog decided to step in. The little hound delivered a powerful “nut shot” without a second’s hesitation.

“Dogs are man’s best friend,” as the adage goes. As a testament to our canine companions’ warmth and comfort, this expression is often considered relatable and timeless.

However, there is another piece of advice that may be contradictory: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

Both classic phrases seemed to blend together in a Twitch clip from yungBORO. Boro’s dog took advantage of the opportunity when he stepped away from his setup for a moment and decided to get… painfully close.

As you can see in the video, Boro and a female companion are casually chatting. Boro decides to get up and walk away while the lady talks about creativity and her old drawings.

That’s when the canine companion recognized an opportunity and acted quickly (pun embarrassingly intended). Boro surged upward and delivered a paw to his nether regions as he walked towards the door.

Boro keeled over in an instant, letting out a loud groan, followed by an explanation.

Boro’s plans to leave the room were thwarted by this act of doggy danger. Instead, he returned to his seat and reflected on the tragic event.

While Boro may have been perplexed as to what prompted the attack, we’ve examined the situation with a magnifying glass as well. The little dog seemed to be interested in a ball-shaped object in Boro’s hand, according to a thorough investigation.

There is no update on this episode as of this writing. While Boro and his “best friend” clearly have some issues to work out, we can’t help but admire the dog’s verticality while we wait.

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