Zepla Planning To Flee Ukraine

One of the most well-known Final Fantasy 14 streamers has spoken out about her plans to flee Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion.

Zepla has been streaming all things Final Fantasy 14 for the past five years, amassing 300,000 YouTube subscribers and 200,000 Twitch followers. She’s a wonderful source of wholesome content, usually offering advice to newer players or gushing about Viera, one of the game’s playable races. However, at the end of January, she addressed a more serious issue: the impending danger for Kyiv residents, as well as the fact that she would most likely have to leave soon.

She’s been making plans to leave, though it’s not as simple as packing her belongings and returning to America. She’s currently working on getting pet passports for both, though getting pets from Ukraine into the US can be difficult.

Following the stream, Zepla discussed how the most unsettling aspect of preparing to leave has been the normalcy of it all.

Zepla says her current plan is to pack up and head west once she receives her pet passports. Last week, she received her COVID booster shot.

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