Zippo Pittsburgh Knights

Zippo has announced an integrated marketing partnership with the Pittsburgh Knights, an esports pioneer, igniting a new flame in the gaming community.

The Knights will help bring the Zippo company’s legacy to a new generation through various programmatic components. The partnership will include key products like the Zippo Windproof Lighter and the HeatBank Rechargeable Hand Warmer line from Zippo.

Zippo’s iconic lighters are a well-known and recurring icon in pop culture, with numerous appearances in video games, much like in Hollywood films. Zippo’s HeatBank Rechargeable Hand Warmers, “a must have addition to any esport players’ gear,” have recently joined the windproof lighter in the gaming space.

The Zippo HeatBanks will be used by the Pittsburgh Knights in a variety of games, including Rocket League, Gears of War, Rainbow Six: Siege, Valorant, Halo, PubG Mobile, Apex Legends, Madden, and Mortal Kombat.

According to president of the Pittsburgh Knights James O’Connor, the partnership with Zippo it perfectly captures the Knights’ strong commitment to the esports community — and who better to lean on than a brand that offers best-in-class products that are compatible with gaming? Working with this storied brand will not only boost our team’s confidence, but will also give our players a competitive advantage.

As the upcoming seasons progress, Zippo will have branding on the Knights’ jerseys and will collaborate with the franchise and players, including AlphaKep and XXiF. Fans should also look out for more Knights Nation integrations, such as an exclusive content series, Twitch activations, achievement unlocks, avatar skins, and Easter eggs.

Zippo’s senior director of digital, William Kolasa, also stated that the two companies’ partnership is based on a shared belief in integrity, innovation, grit, and tradition. The Pittsburgh Knights have some of the best athletes in the world, and they’re excited to partner with the team and provide them with the best industry-leading gaming equipment Zippo has to offer.

The Knights Rocket League Invitational Winter Bash, will take place  December 27-28 and can be seen on the Knights Twitch channel, and will have Zippo as the title sponsor.

At a later date, more specific events involving the partnership will be announced. Visit for more information on Zippo’s gaming products.

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