Zoil Is Unbanned From Twitch

Twitch streamer Zoil who was suspended after accidentally live streaming an explicit TikTok video, has been unbanned.

Twitch has been stepping up its efforts to ensure that its content is safe for everyone, whether it’s through stricter streamer bans or a shift in its policies. For example, Rebecca “Minx” was recently suspended for a week for using a “derogatory slur,” and another was suspended immediately after shaving his genitals live on stream.

Twitch, on the other hand, has been accused of being overly harsh in its reasons for banning certain streamers on a few occasions.

One of them was Zoil, who was banned from the platform for a stream that contained “accidental nudity or explicit sex content.” However, Zoil’s supporters argue that it was unjust and unnecessary.

On February 12th, Zoil was doing a livestream and was reacting to a TikTok video. The video began perfectly family-friendly before abruptly switching to a video of someone riding a motorcycle completely naked from behind. The video was quickly turned off by an unsuspecting Zoil, but it was too late. He received a notification from Twitch shortly after the stream, informing him that he had been banned for showing “accidental nudity or explicit sex content.”

On Twitter, Zoil’s fans were unimpressed with the ban, claiming that it was unjust that the streamer was banned despite the fact that it was an unintentional slip and that he immediately closed the video once he realized what was going on.

Fans of Imane “Pokimane” Anys will recall the time the streamer was on the verge of being banned from Twitch after accidentally live streaming an explicit Food Wars episode. She did not, however, receive a suspension as a result of the blunder.

Thankfully, Zoil’s suspension didn’t last long, as he was back on Twitch by February 13th after being suspended for “1 day, 1 minute, and 22 seconds.” He wasted no time in treating his 112k followers to a livestream in which he addressed the incident but was clearly perplexed.

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo will undoubtedly be ecstatic to see his streaming pal back on Twitch. After such a boring day with Lost Ark, which he claimed ‘cured’ him of his insomnia, Zoil will undoubtedly make every effort to avoid being banned again.

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