Zoil Reveals How He Starts In Streaming Industry

Twitch streamer Zoil revealed how he got his start in the industry, as he revealed that he would snipe a variety of big streamers, which led to him becoming interested in the medium.

Zoil revealed how he would stream and snipe several of Twitch’s biggest names, much to the surprise of his co-streamer.

The Twitch streamer Zoil had a powerpoint presentation on the stream that said “Why did he decide to start streaming,” and the text revealed that he was a professional stream sniper. He stated that he would search the internet for information and stream snipe specific streamers.

Names like lirik, greekgodx, poke, m0xy, and xqc were among them. As his name became more well-known, he decided to start streaming, which is how he got his start in stream sniping. He admitted to being a stream sniper, which is widely despised in the streaming community.

The streamer also revealed a series of bookmarks containing information from various streamers, including greekgodx. It showed when they were last in a match and on which servers they were playing.

At the very least, the Twitch streamer was transparent about his success, displaying several bookmarks containing information about big streamers and their accounts.

The internet’s reaction was also not entirely negative. The reactions ranged from intrigued to irritated, but it was still an interesting discussion. One Redditor thought it was a novel idea for a streamer to reveal their backstory, while another admired Zoil’s candor about his past.

This prompted some readers to speculate about how many other streamers got their start in this manner, prompting a negative response from another commenter.

One person pointed out that Zoil now has more followers than one of the people he stream sniped (GGX), implying that stream sniping is a legitimate profession. Another commenter mentioned that this is how Macailya and Tyler met, as well as the fact that GGX was a stream sniper.

The responses ranged from one person saying the Twitch streamer is the “least parasocial stream sniper” to another saying they sensed something was wrong with the streamer.

Another expressed the hope that the streamer would not go “full ggx” on his viewers.

It was an interesting moment when the streamer revealed where they came from and didn’t hide the fact that he started out in stream sniping.

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