Zylbrad Has Racist Tirade Against Indigienous Australians

Twitter has seen a clip from Zylbrad, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who made a racist rant against Indigenous Australians in his Overwatch stream.

Zylbrad, one of the most popular Apex Legends content producers with more than 2.5 million subscribers. He also has over 125k Twitch followers. Although his YouTube channel now focuses on Apex Legends content, Zylbrad was previously an Overwatch creator.

A clip from him in his Overwatch days was circulated via Twitter on August 11, where he used racist language towards Aboriginal Australians. He starts the video by telling his team that they are going to win, and suddenly he responds that they are killing Aboriginals. Then he says that he is Australian and kills them. After that, he bursts into laughing while making insensitive comments.

Then he continues to say that they have to catch Abos and, if they do so, that they will release them. It sounds like an attempt at rape.

Zylbrad expressed his regret for the racist comments he made in that clip and said that he was sorry. Zylbrad said the video was taken five years ago. He also said it was clearly not OK and a poor mentality. He apologized once more and stated that he is aware that words won’t make it right.

This clip has been removed from TikTok.

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